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  • It is recommended that you start your child in the program immediately. This prevents confusion on those first days of school in September.

  • On the first day of school, send a note advising your child’s teacher of his/her Child Care schedule.

  • A note must be sent in to your child’s teacher on any day your child will not attend the PM child care session.

  • Students must register for the child care program in the school they attend.

  • All participating students must be enrolled in the Jackson School District.

Change In Program Usage
  • Please notify the office as soon as possible of any changes to your child’s Child Care schedule as it takes 3 business days to process these requests.

  • Please notify the Child Care office in writing when you plan to discontinue use of the program.

  • No day exchanges will be allowed for absences.

  • Be sure to notify your child’s homeroom teacher of any child care schedule changes.

  • Any child engaging in repetitive disruptive, disrespectful, and/or dangerous behavior shall be disciplined as follows:

  • First Incident – Formal warning -Written and oral notification to parent by lead teacher.

  • Second Incident – Communication from Coordinator – Next infraction will mean a two day suspension of services.

  • Third Incident – Two day exclusion from Child Care (This will commence within three working days of the infraction.)

  • Fourth Incident – Termination will commence on the fourth working day from infraction.

  • Please note: The severity of the infraction will determine the consequence.

Cell Phone / Electronic device usage

  • To ensure the privacy of all students enrolled in the Jackson Child Care Academy, unauthorized cell phone/electronic device usage is not allowed in any of our programs.

Special Circumstances

Injured/Sick Child

  • If your child is injured, the teacher will report the injury to you.

  • If your child is seriously injured, staff will phone the Jackson First Aid to provide services, and then you will be telephoned.

  • If your child is ill you will be telephoned. Sick children must be taken home.

  • It is imperative to keep emergency information updated annually.

Medication Policy

  • Child Care providers may not administer medications. Only school nurses may dispense medications.

  • A student may self-administer medication without supervision of the school nurse for asthma or other life-threatening illnesses.

  • The only medications that may be self-administered are inhalers for asthma or medications to treat anaphylactic reactions.

  • In order for a student to self-medicate, the parent must obtain and complete the medication administration packet from the school nurse. The parent and private physician must complete this packet. A copy of these forms must be provided to the Child Care Office at the time of registration.

Accident Insurance

  • Child Care clients are responsible for their own insurance for their children.

  • It is recommended that you purchase the Voluntary Accident Insurance through the schools if you do not have insurance. Applications and literature are available at the main offices of the schools.

  • The Board of Education and Jackson Child Care Academy assume no liability for injuries that occur while participating in our program.

Termination Of Service


  • As per Child Care regulations, services may be terminated for reasons of delinquent accounts, student discipline problems, and repeated late pick-up of children. When a child is terminated from the program, DO NOT send him/her back to Child Care after that date. The student will not be accepted.

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